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Getting It Done!
Key Accomplishments

Kevin has been blessed over the years to work with some of the most gifted, creative and hardworking volunteers/staffers/elected officials one can imagine.

Councilman Bash has been honored to play everything from key roles to supporting player for some of the following, truly amazing projects; every one of which was a team effort.

"What is most important for me is not only getting a project done (which means paying the price), but does that project or cause get passed on with others taking charge? And, will whatever you've started with your team survive the test of time, continue to serve the community and even flourish? 

I am humbled that many of my efforts have been picked up by better people who have moved the ball farther than I ever could have!"

                                               Kevin Bash

Financial Transparency and Accountability

For the past fifteen consecutive years,  the City of Norco has published independently audited Comprehensive  Annual Financial Reports that have been recognized with Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (CAFR) by the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).


The Certificate of Achievement is the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and financial reporting, and its attainment represents a significant accomplishment by a government and its management.


The GFOA is the highest professional industry association in the field of government finance practices and management.  

Saving Norco From Bankruptcy

The 2009 economic downturn financially devastated Norco forcing a cut back of 50 percent of the employees, a move from a city fire department to Cal Fire, consolidation of departments and a whole host of other belt tightening moves. We are still here.

Diversification of Income

Following the economic downturn of 2009, a concerted effort was made to diversify Norco's income stream: we actively sought and successfully attracted businesses to Norco that support keeping Norco "Norco".  From out of a very deep economic hole, Norco has built a reserve of ten million dollars. The hope is this can be saved for a rainy day or major destructive event.

Preserving the Sheriff's Sub-Station

Despite the economic downturn of 2009 and the financial rebuilding period that followed - we kept our sheriff's station: no small feat.  This provided significant savings, better response time, convenience for residents and direct, consistent  contact with local law enforcement.

Disaster Preparedness

A deep concern in 2010 was Norco's almost complete lack of readiness in the event of a catastrophic event. That changed with the contracting of Cal Fire. Today Norco has a group of highly trained volunteers, a fire service that is capable of giving emergency assistance, a fully equipped command center and a reserve to fund getting our community back on our feet should disaster strike.

Code Enforcement

At one point Code Enforcement consisted of nothing more than a friendly visit, a semi-stern letter and little compliance.  Not so today, currently there are many active cases and far more folks getting in line with the law, which, benefits our neighbors and town as a whole: and, keeps more people safe.

The challenge is continued funding: code enforcement is very, very expensive.

Leak Warning Notification

With Norco's new and sophisticated Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system, residents are informed after 72 hours of constant flow of water, that they might have a leak somewhere in their system! This advanced technology will assist residents in saving on water bills and support water conservation!

Technology and Person to Person!

Over the past few years Norco moved into the new century. At one time our website was terribly sub-standard and there was little or no means to communicate accurate information to residents: not so today.

The City of Norco Website is steadily being improved and perfected and there are now several apps, programs and webpages that residents can access to instantaneously know what is happening.

Additionally, Norco has for several years staged Town Hall Meetings and a Community Outreach Tour to reach out and engage residents personally.

Click on each bullet below to access:

Hamner Avenue Walkway

This simple strip of asphalt came about because a senior living at Clark Terrace brought to my attention that he was having trouble getting through the mud to get to a nearby local dialysis center.  Thank you to public works for making this happen. Every time I see a senior on this winding pathway, I am reminded that it is the simple things that are most important.

Norco Animal Control Shelter

The former animal shelter was in serious need of updating and rehabilitation.  With great effort by staff, Parks and Rec Commissioners, real council commitment and years of planning and searching for funds (during the second worst economic downturn in American History), a new building was constructed with modern necessities to care for a very wide variety of animals.

Interactive Map of Norco Capital Improvement Projects

The Norco Local Perspective Interactive Map allows residents to see the exact status of Street, Water, Parks, Storm Water, Recycled Water. Sewer and Facilities projects.


To check out this truly incredible program, click below

Local Perspective

Street Repair

There is a myth that Norco Streets have been allowed to completely disintegrate: this is simply not true.  Huge efforts have been made to identify the condition of every street in Norco (Councilman Bash sat on that 14 month long committee) and a high number of streets have been repaired. Unfortunately, it is not enough and has been detailed, like the rest of California, the statewide deterioration of streets and roads is alive and well in Norco.

Nevertheless, an enormous number of streets and roads have been repaired over just the last few years, with many more in the design and planning stages.

Click below for latest information on past and planned street repairs:

Norco Streets

Silverlakes Equestrian and Sports Park

First began working on this project as a Parks and Recreation Commissioner in 2003, right after the initial purchase.  Despite the Great Recession, a terrible flood and other factors, this project is up and running with additional phases still to be completed.

It may well be the premier youth soccer complex in the nation and, though the facilities are not yet completely finished, has multiple, well-attended, equestrian events each month.  Eventually, the existing trails will connect to the Santa Ana River Trails and will provide horse camping and picnicking areas.

Vietnam 50th Anniversary Commemorative Partner Program

Norco was the first city in California and the second in the nation to become part of the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Partner Program to Honor Vietnam Veterans.

Norco Village Project

Worked for several years to bring this truly wonderful shopping center to fruition.

Urban Forest Specifications and Standards

The City of Norco has recently completed plans and goals to maintain, protect and foster the community's urban forest of trees - this is an exciting project that also enables residents to know what trees will and will not thrive in our area.

Renovation of Wayne Makin Lighting System

An electrical failure prompted Norco to act quickly to replace the aging lighting system (installed in the 1970s) with modern wiring and fixtures - roughly a half-million dollar project that five years ago could not have been funded and likely would have led to field closures.  Instead, Norco's healthy reserve was able to pay for the new lights!


With the growth of business in the City of Norco, a huge number of jobs have been created. Silverlakes, Hobby Lobby, Tractor Supply, the new hotels and restaurants and other small and large businesses are employing hundreds of residents. Additionally, due to Silverlakes, both Corona and Eastvale are also enjoying new commerce and those businesses are hiring Norconians!

Norco Egg Ranch Project - NO Truck Depot

Councilman Bash voted against this project, as did three other council members: it simply did not fit or serve the community of Norco. Owner of the property would later apologize to Kevin for bringing a project that the community so objected to.

Interactive Trail Map

Over 100 miles of trails from your home to local restaurants to the hills or River!  Guide yourself by phone and you enjoy Horse Town USA on a mighty steed!

Trail Map

Creating the Historic Preservation Commission

Prior to the formation of this commission, Norco's artifacts and history were in jeopardy, save for the efforts of City Historian Ron Snow. The commission over time began the process to document and catalog Norco's History and Treasures.  Not an easy task but a labor of love.

Successfully Nominated Norco Navy Base to the National Register of Historic Places

After ten years of back breaking and expensive privately funded research and fighting resistance and terrible scholarship by "Naval Historians", the City of Norco prevailed before the California State Historic Commission who unanimously voted to expand the Lake Norconian Club Historic District to include the historic resources associated with the former US Naval Hospital Corona and Fleet Missile Systems Analysis & Evaluation Group.  Huge hard won victory.  Unfortunately, final say is left to National Naval  Historians: I am counting on the Navy's integrity, honor and high standards to win the day.

GG Bond Committee

Honored to oversee the GG Bond proceeds to improve the Corona Norco Unified School District; better equipment, better facilities, better education.

NO On Measure L

Part of the team that stopped the attempt to change zoning in the La Sierra area to allow hundreds of small lot homes and thereby destroy increasingly rare open space. Dozens of meetings were attended to develop a grass roots opposition to this developer attempt to hoodwink the public. The cut through traffic would have been devastating to Norco life style.


A deep concern for Norco Residents is the condition of the roads and infrastructure.  Over the past several years Norco has partnered extensively with the County of Riverside to make significant road and storm drain improvements. Hamner Avenue, Sixth Street and other streets in the community have had major makeovers.

The challenge will now be to continue these improvements.

Cal Fire

Moving from our own City Fire Service to contracting Fire Protection with Cal Fire. This move saved the city millions of tax dollars and provided residents with more comprehensive service.

No on SB 649

With the backing of the entire Norco City Council, Berwin Hanna and Kevin Bash were sent to Sacramento to stop the attempt by big cell phone companies to convince the Assembly and Senate to let them put cell phone apparatus where ever they like and to cut the fees received by cities almost to nothing.  Fortunately, the Governor was listening. The loss of this funding would have been severe to the City of Norco.

Disney Circle D Ranch

For months, Disney was looking for a ranch in Norco and finding no success.  Finally, the perfect property was found!

Norco Home to Disney!

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