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Kevin Bash for Re-Election to Norco City Council 2022

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Bill and Rosa Green

Don and Jewels Farmer

Tony and Sunday Baretto

Dr. Robert and Anne Nelson

Johnnie and Elly Griffitts

Don and Tiffany Trenholm

Ed and Linda Dixon

Paul and Lisa Simon

Jim and Corinne Holder

Norva Williams

John and Joanne Akins

Lance and Cathy Seiberling

Chad and Nikki Azevedo

Larry and Norma Eckhoff

Ellen Seiberling

Don Bokker

Roy Hungerford

The Barkis Family

Doug and Kathy Thistlewaite

Mark Moore

Mike and Amy-Lydia Allred

Bobby and Becky Mendoza

Pat and Glenn Hedges

Steve and Ann Hutchison

Carrie Petrie

Jim and Bobbie Pope

Mike and Amy-Lyn Allred

Ada Vandermolen

Gregory Holly and Cassandra Sanders Holly

Gary and Arlene Lewis

Ron and Denise Sutherland

Stacy Gregory Kramer

Eric Albizures Family

Gary and Susan Bowen

Jerry and Linda Smith

Daryl and Shirley Roth

Robert Prior

Pat Peart

Ryan and Michelle Sanchez

Dave and Colleen Benson Sanders

Nilu Patel

Pat and Kerry Walsh

Tina Marsh McEnery

Karen Viefhaus

John and Kathy Rigler

Gary and Arlene Lewis

Liza Rogers

Alex Rodriguez

Richard and Lollie Olivas

Don and Kathleen Kramer

Spradlin Family

Curtis Coombs

Larry Kleasner

Micheal Montgomery

Kris and Rene Parish

Ernie and Lorie Soliz

Jonathan Kahan

Dennis and Cindy Falskin

Donna Haworth

Webb Family

Bob and Christie Hicks

Higelin Family

Sheila Fielding-Kruis

Christensen Family

Peart Family

Dunn Family

Jennifer Wells

James Yellis

Paul Van Haun

Stephani Hashimura

Doug Crouse

Richard and Paula Boyle

Tami Garner

Robert Lee

Supervisor John Tavaglione


Sheriff Stan Sniff


Eastvale Mayor Clint Lorimore

Eastvale Councilman Joe Tessari

Eastvale Councilman Adam Rush

Eastvale Councilman Todd Rigby

Eastvale Councilman Brandon Plott

Corona Mayor Karen Spiegel

Corona Councilman Dick Haley

Corona Councilman Randy Fox

Corona Councilman Eugene Montanez

Jurupa Valley Councilwoman

Laura Roughton

CNUSD Trustee Bill Newberry

CNUSD Trustee John Z

CNUSD Trustee Bill Pollock

RCCD Trustee Virginia Blumenthal


S.R. "Al" Lopez 

Western Municipal Water District


Former Norco Mayor Larry Cusimano

Former Norco Mayor Dick McGregor

Former Norco Mayor John Casper


Former Assemblyman Jeff Miller

TIGAR: Inland Empire Realtors

Kent and Wanda Crowson

Greg Kahlen

Kent Knopf

Julie Mattox

Robert & Luanne Bean

Harkquist Family

Aguirre Family

Adrian Aros

Flora Floen

Leslie Haworth

Stanton Family

Mike and Beverly Craft

Susan Rigo

Gardetto Family

Robert Vandenberg

Charley Samsoe

Andre Gottmers

Struck Family

DeMent Family

Rebecca Wade-Morris

Kim Calabrano

Jarad and Tamara Coburn

Kristine Breaux-McCullough

Bragole Family

Gary Schonne

Tina Marsh McEnery

Mia Alverado

Sonia Soso

Stacy Turner

Robin Porsley Vecchiarelli

Shelley Smith

Randy Nettleton

Dauris Slaughter

Heath Family

Baca Family

Michi Walker

Torres Family

Gorman Family

Danny and Kathy Azevedo

Barbara Hill

Diane Hill

Steve and Stephanie Koolman

Jonn and Margie Muresan

Don and Jewels Farmer

Richard Hallam

Wes and Casey Warren Crabtree

Tom and Stacy Nicola

Brigitte Bash

Betty Bash

Alan and Robbin Bash

Mark and Angelique Colis

Karlene Allen

Ray Trosper

Carol Cusimano

Ricky and Allie Hallam

Bobbie Pope

Shane Porter

Diana Praska Stuckey

Mark and Susan Sawyer

Dave and Pat Overstreet

Art and Betty Camarillo

Chad and Nikki Azevedo

Vern and Denise Shoemaker

Louis and Kevin Moore

Shane and Tigger Porter

Jacqui Tarpley

Jim & Pat Kirkpatrick

Pam Shaver

Steve and Stephanie Koolman

Kat Burnett

Ron and Karen Roper

Jimmy Nelson

Bill and Mary K. Hartman

Joan Buffington

Carrie Petree

Joe and Jo McEuen

Jim Holder

Rick and Cathy Campagna

Jay Jay

Marcie Carter Campbell

Kevan and Deborah Metcalfe

Jeff and Becky Buffington

Nick and Jeannine Ferrari

Adam and Julie Langlos

Bryan Clinton

Jean Hoffman

Dave and Anita LaVelle

Mark and Shari Akers

Art and Wendie Stevens

Lauralynn Spencer Hake

Joyce Jones

Kara Lubin and Glen Gonsalves

Kaye Omara

Matt and Grace Soeter

Luz Wood

Jim and Denise Sassin

Dr. Jennifer Welles

Wayne and Dena Jordan

Lemus Family

Olivas Family

Lanni Family

Nikki Brunswick

Dan & LeAnnWilmoth

George Family

Pollard Family

Thue Family

Jerri Florence-Lewis

Kathryn Grossman

Nita Hiltner

Andrea Hove


Jeff Anderson

Toni Knight-Boley

Adriana Showalter

As Norconian‘s for decades and local business owners, we would like to whole heartedly endorse Mr. Kevin Bash for Norco City Council. For years we have admired his tireless efforts and dedication to our great city, in particular to youth sports and activities, the arts, veterans affairs, police and fire, all things Norco high school, local agriculture and animal keeping lifestyle, historic preservation, Community volunteerism and dedication to our local economy and city’s  financial health. Our city is incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderful Norconian fighting for its citizens on a daily basis. The projects he has led have attracted much notoriety and revenue for our little town. We can only look forward to his service for years to come.


Mr. Gregory Holly and Dr. Cassandra Sanders-Holly